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New Patients at Dr. Karl J. Natriello

New patients are welcomed into Dr. Natriello’s practice family quickly and smoothly, as we have a simple one-visit process that gets care options settled without the usual hassle. Out of respect for you and your time, our office communicates openly with you on everything from finances to healing strategies as we work with you to help you reach your best possible health.

Taking Your Financial Options Into Consideration

We like to get the financial responsibility questions out of the way early, so we typically start your first visit by having a conversation on your insurance and payment options.

Our team knows that finances are tough for many families today, so we are careful to look into whether you have insurance that is in-network with our practice. If not, we are willing to point you somewhere else where you have in-network coverage or work with you on cash payment plans. You can also finance your care with a health savings account if that is an option.

Getting You Ready for Care

Beyond finances, your first visit will consist of a medical history review and a consultation with Dr. Natriello. Leaning on over three-and-a-half decades of experience in chiropractic care, Dr. Natriello will talk with you and determine whether we can solve your needs. We are happy to refer you to another healthcare professional if we feel that is where you are more likely to get the care you need.

If we sincerely feel that we are the best place for you to receive care, Dr. Natriello will move you into the examination phase. Depending on the complexity of the problems uncovered in this stage, we may be able to start corrective care on this first visit. However, if X-rays are required before proceeding, we will refer you to a nearby radiology center for diagnostic imaging before starting corrective care.

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